Friday, March 12, 2010

Archie's Hat.

Archie is pretty happy with his hat. I wasn't quite sure whether to make it as long and goblin-like as he was insisting but I think he was 100% spot on now it is finished. He looks so cute in it, especially with that top tooth missing. The pattern was adapted from Susan B. Anderson's book 'Itty Bitty Hats' with quite a few adjustments to fit Archie's head (and aesthetics). Now it is time to start thinking goblin ears....
By the way, I spotted this little fella on the table today and wondered if this was beetle torture. All the flowers in the world but none of them real. Now I have written this I feel terrible that I took a photo of him rather than immediately rescuing him. Is this how journalists feel... Don't you sometimes want to say, "Put the camera down and pick the crying child up". I had better go and put that little beetle in the garden. Oh dear, I just looked over at the table and realised that I had been piling folded washing on it. I think the beetle has passed on... R.I.P. little beetle, R.I.P. I think we all know now what kind of journalist I would be in a wartime situation.


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