Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snuggling in Autumn.

Today we had the first truly cold, Autumnal morning. Hugo has Thursday free (he is very busy with pre-school don't you know) and snuggled on the couch with the blanket I began last year. Now with the weather changing I am beginning to look forward to finishing it, however, it will be firmly off my list until we return from the south island. At the moment I am busily knitting Hugo a vest which will hopefully be worn while we are down there.
Now a huge THANK YOU for all of the wonderful book suggestions. There were quite a few new ones I hadn't heard of and then some of my old favourites which does make me feel we would all be friends in real life. Please keep the suggestions coming in. I am such a book junkie and always have great big pile that I work through so you can imagine my distress when I glanced over at what I expected to be a happy tower and found virtually nothing... just a few word-crumbs scattered on the floor.
This was going to be a ginormous post tonight as there is quite a lot going on but as the computer was sulking for most of the day, I am now going to sign off and have my turn at snuggling on the big blue couch with the blanket. XXOOXXOOXX.


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