Friday, March 19, 2010

Medieval Birthday Parties and other Scary Stuff.

A sneak peek of the cake. But first...
A nice friendly photo begin this post. The goody bags are made so now all the children have to do is fill them up with precious things from their quest.
Time for the frightening part. I finished the castle cake today and to my dismay, found it completely overrun by tiny, arms bearing skeletons. You know how it can be.
They started shooting at the troops galloping around the moat (which has since been filled with green jelly).

Merlin leaped onto the battlements and started working his magic. The treasure is too important to be jeopardised by a minor skirmish.
See what I mean. Good treasure. Tasty treasure.
Now can you guess what this is. Here is an eye.
And here is a tail.
That's right, it is the incredibly rare 'Snowblood' dragon from the frostiest peaks of the Snowbrides Mountains. It is hard to make out but her wings are velvety and her strange eyes are almost crochet-like which is a particular marker to this species. She will be the final prize to be found in the quest tomorrow. I hope she doesn't become too frightened... I know I am.


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