Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Squires.

Reluctant(ish, I detect a smile under that duck-like expression) models showing off costumes I have been making for Archie's birthday party. Please note that Archie is draped in Jonno's costume. Not a great photo as it was so dark this morning but I loved their dishevelled morning faces.
Hugo is just checking out the packet of carrot seed, desperate to plant them even though the sun hadn't quite risen.
A hat that is only knitted late at night when the sewing machine stops.
Archie's rock pool.
It's all about the boys at the moment. Usually I find myself a good slice of time most days to think about what it is I am making and where I want to be heading - but, not at the moment. All of my energy has been going into birthday parties and any spare thoughts have been tied up with our imminent road trip around the South Island. The upside to all of this though is that I still haven't cleaned up properly from Hugo's crafting party - this means the boys have been having a ball with all of the left over materials. It is amazing to see what they create when they have free flow access to good and glittery crafting stuff.
The only thing is..... I just want time for me to play with good and glittery crafting stuff too.
By the way, I am starting to lose a little bit of weight. 3.5kilograms in three weeks. Yiippee!!!


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