Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday Preparations.

I had to start the photos with a bit of kick. These shoes belong to my niece and are as soft as butter. I wish they were mine. Time to give them back to her though as she has been barefoot at the bus stop two mornings in a row.
This is what I spent last night doing. Making frames from cupcakes cases for mobiles. The plan is that the childers will thread on pompoms, paper cranes, buttons and anything else that catches their eye... dried rabbit poo perhaps, a few insects maybe?

Bunting ready to be festooned around the trees.
And little cupcakes with melted marshmallows on top
I hope four year olds will enjoy being served food from our best silver. I had better make sure Archie doesn't commandeer it for a shield.
Well, lots more to do. Wish me luck...


  1. wow, kate! that is going to be great fun! enjoy. :)

  2. Hi Kate, wish you were my mum when I was four!! My kids would want you for their mum too I bet, such a wonderful imagination you have, You and your family are going to have a fantastic time along with everyone who comes to share the day. best wishes xo

  3. Good luck with the rest of the preparations! It's looking fabulous so far.. how yum do those cupcakes look?
    Have a great time. Look forward to hearing all about it!

  4. Good Luck!! It looks FABULOUS!!

  5. Good luck Kate, it's going to be a triumph! You look as though you're toally prepared for the onslaught, and it's going to be a wonderful party. Looking forward to the photos. Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  6. Looks like tons of fun! Hope it's the best birthday yet.

  7. Oh wow! Looks a great party is about to happen. Sooooo colourful. Love that bunting! Have a great time! Ros

  8. hi, can you let me know how you did the melting marshmallow thing ontop of the fairy cakes, so much easier than icing .....



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