Friday, March 19, 2010

Golden Goblin Heart Cupcakes.

Why is it that I find it enormously difficult to think about cooking dinner but the moment I am required to find a way to incorporate edible goblin hearts into a recipe my mind races into overdrive?
Archie's party is tomorrow, 11 young knights will be charging around the farm facing all sorts of terrible and wonderful challenges in order to kidnap a dragon and rescue all of her eggs. I think it is becoming obvious that I really enjoy a good party. I hope you realise though that while I am someone who rises to the occasion the rest of the time I am in a state of sqalour and lethargy. Plus it is important to note that all of the other mothers know this about me and just find it refreshing that the house has been cleaned pre-party and therefore don't have to worry quite so much about gangrene and tetanus.
Well, I had better go and fill the moat around the castle cake with jelly and then put in the live baby crocodiles. They are so sweet.... (only joking if there are any concerned people out there).


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