Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beanbag Making (and a house full of little balls).

Those balls are supposed to be in the big fabric bag below.
Not looking too comfortable for a bean bag is it...
It took a while, but some of them went in.
How great are Echino fabrics.
Now the big test for the bean bag. Can two boys fit at once? Without feeling cramped and fighting for space?
I think they can and even better, there is still lots of room for me!
Now, time to start chasing all of these little white balls that are scurrying around the house pretending to be snow.


  1. Ha ha those little white balls.... I used to work for a polystyrene manufacturer (and we made beans). It's best to fill things in an bathtub with the plug in, then any spills can just be vacuumed out of the bath.
    I think that's the best looking bean bag ever!

  2. wow! that is fantastic...what size is that? it looks enormous :) so beautiful~

    and ack! those balls...notice how they seem to roll away when trying to catch them?! grr

  3. That is such a comfy looking beanbag-just in time for Winter TV snuggling...

  4. Oh I love this bean bag...fabulous fabrics! You clever thing! Love, Amanda xxx

  5. Great beanbag! What I like most is that the two kids aren't fighting over it! I definitely need to make some of those. (Peaceful beanbags, not kids that is). Just found your blog, and I love your colours, especially as winter is now upon me. :)

  6. That is an awesome beanbag! Brilliant. Love it.

  7. Love the cushion! Just great!

    Good luck clearing up all the escaped balls! :)

  8. What a great use of a beautiful print! I love the big size, and it looks so comfy.

    best ~ Annri

  9. Now thats what I'll talking about!!!! Bloody Brilliant kate!!

  10. When I was about 10 my mom bought clearenced brown faux fur and made bean bags for our tv room. we had little pellets EVERYWHERE! I will say we loved the bean bags- we used them wile playing atari pong and space invaders!

  11. Oh wow, I love the bean bag! I think I might need one too! It looks huge and rad and I look a bit green! LOL :)



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