Monday, May 31, 2010

A Little Project.

I am in between ideas at the moment so I thought a small scarf of granny squares would help keep the joy in my heart. Once again, Lucy of Attic24 came to the rescue with one of her amazing patterns - she has something for every weather.
We visited one of Hugo's friends this morning and took along his Princess and the Pea set. Hugo decided he didn't want to make the prince so I had a go instead, using a photo of one of our best friends Tim. Tim is a prince in real life too and Hugo was thrilled with it thank goodness.
So this morning was spent in a sunny corner of a friend's house while she painted, I crocheted and the kids played. I could have stayed there forever.
However, I have lots of jobs calling me including putting elastic into freshly made shorts, making dinner and clearing out a huge amount of junk from a room in order to prepare for some renovations. I had better go and have a look for Hugo as he has escaped into the garden with the ipod...


  1. As always you make me smile! Lucky Tim. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. It's just so lovely to be back visiting you Kate, it's been too long. what with one thing and another, and I've missed visiting you greatly. It's just struck me that almost everything you make is for someone else, which is truly admirable, you must get a lot of pleasure from the giving. I just read the mouse in the toaster story, which must have had your boys delighted in that way children seem to like things a bit icky! Impressed that you made Hugo his very own mouse on toast, how did it taste Hugo?! And how did you find the will power to cut up that gorgeous car fabric? I'm just off to watch "Britain's got Talent", exceptionally entertaining. Love Vanessa xxx



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