Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Creative Space.

Today my creative space is anywhere I can find a splash of colour and a bit of inspiration. Yesterday I had new (and mightier) lenses put into my glasses and since then I am astounded by the crisp lines that surround everyone and the depth of colour of EVERYTHING. I feel like I am on some sort of chemical high. Last night I was looking at a jar filled with buttons on the kitchen table. This jar has been sitting there for a week and I was astounded by it. The glass had a texture to it I had never noticed and the lustre of the buttons made me feel as though I was looking at a dutch masterpiece.
Aside from that it is all sewing for me at the moment, the sewing of costumes and of presents. I have a little Cath Kidston cowboy mug to pop into the stuff-collecting-bag made for one of Archie's friends and pictured in the top photo. I love that car fabric soooooo much it was a little hard to cut into.
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  1. It's so hard to cut into fabric we love but it's so rewarding to see it used as well... If you are after a splash of colour you should call past my blog. We had a family photo shoot and the photos are truly colourful and creative... xo Steph

  2. Stuff-collection bag! Awesome. I have long coveted that fabric - great use. And happy glasses-wearing.

  3. beautiful pops of colour {i have done the glasses thing too ~ except my last pair were scratched to the proverbial, what a difference a new pair made!}
    i love that little bag too ~ the fabric is just gorgeous

  4. I love the idea of a "collecting bag". Wonderful!! And I know what you mean about cutting into your favourite fabric. Hope you have a sensational weekend:)

  5. Did you make that little car pouch? Love the fabric. It looks like it matches some scooter fabric I usde this week. xx

  6. I love that you are experiencing the world through new eyes now you have your new lenses. It must be quite a high. Love the little bag and I'm very jealous of your mini boden catalogue!

  7. I have recently had new glasses and lenses so I know exactly what you mean....I am still getting those moments of clarity, why do we leave it so long before we replace the old faithful pair of glasses??

  8. I love your blog! Your crochet is beautiful!
    I take you to my blog so I read you forever!
    Greetings from Uruguay



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