Monday, May 24, 2010

Good stuff for boys... and girls.

Such a firm favourite.
Archie's leather pouch and Hugo' little blue lamb.
Soon to be a ninja butterfly.
Fabric soup.
A boy with a teeny, tiny cold.
Over the weekend I have been thinking a lot about crafts for boys and the expectations we have of what they should be and what they will like.
Certainly, my boys think in ways that are so different to me that everyday I am taken by surprise. For instance, on Friday I was looking at a photo of stink beetles with Archie. He told me they had them at school in the bushes. I asked him if he said "Uggh" whenever he spotted them. He looked at me as though I was crazy and said, "No! I rub my hands all over them to get their good smell". Mmhmm.
On Saturday, Hugo was snuggling with Archie and sucking his (own) fingers. Archie informed Hugo that if he kept doing that his teeth would end up sticking straight out and possibly curl around and up his nose. I thought possibly this might be a quite a confronting statement but Hugo, with delight crowed "Really?". Once again, mmhmmmmm.
So yes, they think along very different lines to me and enjoy examining the innards of things I would usually look away from both literally and metaphorically, but still and to my relief... we have a shared aesthetic that I am so grateful for.
Archie loves having a Cath Kidston floral doona (duvet) cover which he says is like sleeping under a garden - and he likes gardening. Hugo, a very testosterone fuelled boy loves fairy tales and princesses and they both think that pink is a good colour... they just wouldn't wear it around friends.
So with our combined interests, my level of creativity gets a boost with ideas like ninja butterflies and circus themes and Noddy and dinosaurs and crocheted rabbits with their entrails exposed ( I haven't done this yet) and skeletons and flowers and beetles and all sorts of other things that I never would have considered without them.


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