Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Creative Space.

My creative space takes over the kitchen table...
The big blue couch...
Wait hang on, it shares the couch with Tinkerbell (she takes over most of that space)...
And then, any spare surface that wool can be tangled upon is covered in unformed, unthought of as yet, projects.
After that, there isn't much of the house left...
But that's okay, it's all insulation against the winter creeping towards us.
Oodles of creative spaces can be found over here.
P.S. The beer bottle tops won't be staying on the vest, I was just postioning where the buttons will go. Jonno thought they looked great.


  1. Ha! My husband would want me to go with the beer caps too I am sure! Love the insulation. :)

  2. Hey kate that vest looks super cute. Do you have a pattern? I am just learning to knit on the round and it looks like a perfect beginners project. xx

  3. You could start a new trend with the beer bottle cap buttons!

  4. thanks for mentioning the beer buttons! i didn't notice in the pics. love the vest and the bright colour ~ very sweet.

  5. Such lovely colour. Totally adoring your tablecloth too.

  6. Insulation eh? I'll have to use that one. Very cute vest, Kate.

  7. You know I love the bottle caps!

  8. Fabulous - taking over of all spaces for craft! It's like that here too... I am wondering though how Tinkerbell goes with all that tempting yarn around the place! K

  9. My creative space hogs all manner of corners too, not to mention the whole of the dining table! Luckily my family are quite used to it!

    Love the little vest too!

    Much love
    Julia x x x



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