Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fresh Crafts.

I haven't played with tapestry since I was a little girl. I still remember the first time I was introduced to it at the age of eight and we had to make a bookmark for Art and Craft using simple blocks of colour and stripes. As so many of you out there would have experienced as well, I was filled with the absolute awe and excitement that I had 'created' a piece of fabric. And added to that, one of the best moments in my entire school career happened (the following nine years never did top it). Miss Ed took me with my book mark hot in her hand around the school secretaries and then on to the school staffroom to show them my work. Can you imagine!!!
After a while I discovered cross stitch and then fancy work and so tapestry was forgotten for many years...
That is until Mum gave me Cath Kidston's new book 'Stitch' and it all came flooding back. I wasn't quite game to jump into a big project so I thought I would start small using squares of my favourite wools. Now of course I am realising that it is one fantastic way of using up leftovers as a little length stretches a lot further in tapestry than it does in knitting. And also, 8 ply wool is fine to use. Wahoo!!!

A little aside - Hugo is very chuffed as I bought him a brand new jumper in the post-Christmas sales. I think it might be his first non-hand-me-down jumper ever. And he can fit Ted-Ted in with him.
Tapestry is portable - here it is pictured at the beach. It had a lot of fun.
So too did the boys.
But probably not so much the crabs. You can just make them out as they cower in the mudflats, quaking with terror as their homes shake under the boys' thundering footsteps and searching little fingers.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. What a great post! I loved your photographs, and I reeeaaallly loved your part about the tapestry. Seeing those little squares, the wool, so exciting! I might have to remind myself how to do it too, as I was also a child last time I did any.

    Sending love, and thanks for the inspiration
    Julia x x x

  2. I haven't worked with it in years either, but this post makes me want to go to my sewing room right now and get a project out to work on! I have several unfinished projects in the cabinet. So what will these beautiful squares be?

  3. I felt the same way about weaving when I was at school - you know, where you rig something up with cardboard and string.

    What are you going to make out of your tapestry project.


  4. Hey Tapestry - an oldie but a goodie!
    Good plan for the size, easy and handy - very effective design too.
    Looks like the lads are enjoying Summer - its gone missing here :)

  5. Oooh! Love your modern design in the tapestry, and gorgeous colours too. Yum! Love Vanessa xxx

  6. Very nice the tapestry. The colors are beautiful. Thank you. Cheers from Argentina.



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