Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Whole Big Shebang.

Just so you know, this was before the table was loaded up with food. I can't believe I didn't take any pre-feast as it was the most wonderful sight ever (Stef is a chef so it was a matter of honour to her).
Stef and Rob's little boy Dylan with a brand new camera from Aunty Tessa (apparently purchased in Vegas!!!).
Another bride shot - how much do you love the slip showing.
Sophie (Rob and Stef's little girl - or big girl now I suppose - Stef and I met when we were first pregnant and it does seem like such a long time ago now) seeing Stef in full bride regalia for the first time.

And Dylan catching sight of Stef.
And Stef catching sight of Rob.
Rob did catch sight of Stef too and looked all in love and thrilled and had just the sort of face you could imagine but the photo was very blurry so I left it out - certainly not because he had a look of horror or anything like that.

The family.

The celebrations - I thought it was very lovely that they chose some very greedy for colour bubbles. So considerate.
Now in this photo, Stef is not only holding some very important lollies, but is also next to her very, very, very dearest and oldest friend Ellie who has a beautiful blog Petalplum. I will tell you more about her on another post. The funny thing about Ellie is that she has a packet of lollies in every single photo I took of her... and there are a few.

This is actually much more like Stef and Rob than all of the dreamy photos. I thought I had better include for posterity.
So, that's the wedding coverage, I might show a few more photos of the decorations at some stage but for now, blogging will go back to normal (well as normal as I can get), everyday life with lots of crafting and hanging out with the boys.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Beautiful photos Kate. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. What a lovely post - made me feel all warm and fuzzy! Happy New Year to you, Kate!

  3. beautiful people and a lovely lovely wedding... absolutely gorgeous photos!!!. congatulations to all xxx

  4. diterwJust gorgeous photos of a beautiful bride, a natural beauty and a loving personality showing through! The dress is perfect, the flowers just right and I love the attendantsas well. I loved seeing Rob too, there is no doubt that love is all that ever matters, love and friendship. I just wish I could have been there as well!!! Love to you all, Mum

  5. There is so much love jumping of my screen just now! Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. Your decorations and preperations are just perfect. Thanks for sharing, Dee x

  6. Beautiful photos. I'm still working on slowly uploading all of ours, and looking through them all.
    Your house was so much more amazingly beautiful, and colourful, and just so lovely lovely lovely than I even imagined. Can I live at your home please.

    Hope the clean up wasn't too bad....

    It was simply wonderful to meet you. Next time you over this way, give me a head's up so I can have a little holiday in Melbs!

    (Check out this great photo Sam took of you at the wedding.

    Take care. xxxx

  7. Hi! ehm..I'm sorry! I saw the tutorial only now..
    thanks a lot..Amelitienne



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