Thursday, January 20, 2011

Notes on a Chair Bag (and a little bit of embroidery).

First of all, a quick peek at my next piece of tapestry.
A nice 'light' summer project - Archie's jumper has been abandoned for a little while. It is very thick with a 3x3 rib and takes up a lot of space on my knee (almost eight year olds require a lot more knitted area!!!) and makes me feel very hot and bothered.
Now, many of you were wondering what a chair bag is. Well, here we go - they go over the children's chair at school and they keep all of their books and pens and secret things in there. Archie is very excited because this year he is graduating on to a proper desk where he gets to keep all of his stuff inside it. Sadly, when this happens the classroom loses something as it's so lovely to walk into a room and see all of the chairs covered with their colourful and highly unique bags.
This is the pattern sent home from school and I am sure they wouldn't mind if I posted the dimensions. It's kind of like sewing a back to front pillowcase where the right side of the overlap is sewn against the right side of the largest piece of fabric (a.) and the right side of the pocket is sewn against the wrong side of piece a. and then it is all turned inside out. Hmmm, maybe I should take photos for a proper tutorial but if any of you are desperate for your own chair bag, hopefully this will get you started. Whenever I make one (that's only been twice), I always think I should make a set for the table as they are so handy for magazines, cook books, pens and paper. Maybe some oil cloth ones would be good....
Yes, oilcloth would be good - Hugo was so happy about his chair bag it kept him company as he ate dinner and after the odd stroke, left saucy fingerprints and drippings of yoghurt on it. Uh oh - I am supposed to be having a cooking and picnic today but I can hear my sewing machine purring...
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. Hi, this looks awesome. Are you able to send the whole tutorial by email. I am looking to make these for the chairs at home for the kids homework, and have no idea where to start? Thanks

  2. This does look helpful but being a beginner at the sewing machine I would also appreciate the full instructions.
    Many thanks Angela

  3. Hi There,

    Could you possibly email it to me as well?

  4. Hi Kate, the chair bag looks so good. If you still have the tutorial, could you please send it to me?

    Thanks so much

  5. I'm a newby, so really need the entire tutorial to understand. Thanks

  6. Oh I too would love the instructions pretty please :)

  7. HI there, I would LOVE the tutorial too please - Thank you :-)

  8. Hi, thanks for the pattern I would love the tutorial too if you still have it. Looking at making a sample for our school to consider. many thanks (israclodagh @ hotmail . com)

  9. Hi Kate
    I love your blog .... trying to read all of the previous blogs!! Can you please send me the tutorial for the chair bag? Pretty please? I am struggling to work it out!,
    Thanks, Caz x

  10. As all these other lovely ladies, I would also appreciate the tutorial on email if you still have it,

  11. Hey, I need to make one for my daughter at school. Can you please send me the full instructions?

  12. Hello, the chair bags are great, I have been asked by the grand kids to make them a bag, could you please send me the tutorial for the bag?
    much appreciated thank you

  13. I love your chair bag!!! Could you please email me the tutorial?

  14. Can you please email me the full tutorial for the chair bags? I am asking a friend to make these and I am sewing challenged. My email is Thanks!

  15. Hi Kate,

    Along with the many other request is another one. I too would love to have the full tutorial/instructions. Our school group asked if we could make them some. Email address is Thank you!!

  16. These are so cute! Could you please email me the full pattern/instructions? My daughter is a new 2nd grade teacher and I am a decent but simple sewer and would love to make these for her . My email is

    Thank you!



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