Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hugo's Chair Bag.

With Hugo beginning school in a week and a half, I decided that it was finally time to sew him his required chair bag. It seems like such a rite of passage and surely it was only yesterday that Archie's one was finished - how can I be sewing my baby's chair bag????
Archie gently reminded me that Hugo's name had to be on it so I pilfered some melty counted cross stitch grid stuff from my new Cath Kidston book 'Stitch' (her best so far) and found some embroidery floss.
The melty-grid stuff is fantastic, I've never used it before but it is very, very easy. When you have finished your work, you simply snip around it and then soak it in water. Voila! The font pattern comes from 'Made in France: Linen and Thread' by Monique Lyonnet.
I had to share with you my sweet pea posy I picked for a friend today. Another use for washi tape - wahooooo!!! My new tapestry that I am currently working on is peeping from behind... I gave it a little premature fashion parade in the frame to see how it would fit. All very exciting.
I love washi tape.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


  1. I remember those chair bags !
    I was so disappointed to find that Tasmanian schools don't do these :(
    I could be very happy with washi tape too - what a great decorator must have.

  2. No idea what a chair bag (UK reader here) is but it does look very lovely!

  3. I have no idea what a chir bag is either ! could you explain ?, yours does look great though, fab fabric :)

  4. I haven't heard of a chair bag either (UK too), but just googled it, what a brilliant idea! Have been thinking about the latest CK book, might get it now just to get that special grid stuff, thanks!

  5. What a brilliant idea; UK chair bag virgin here too!

    I was thrilled to see you using your CK soluble canvas - I had been toying with the idea of using mine to cross stitch the little rose onto a pair of jeans!

    Your blog continues to be an absolute delight, thank you!

    Heather x

  6. Hello! I just stumbled across your lovely blog and thought I'd stop reading for a moment and say 'hello'. I'm very much looking forwards to sweet pea season here, they're one of my favourite flowers and smell divine. Enjoy!

  7. Oh Kate, I love your sweet peas. Can't wait to see if I can manage to grow some in my new garden... they really are one of the sweetest flowers (hence the name, I suppose!).

    Hugo's name high on the mountain looks excellent. Great fabric.

  8. I loved my chair bag at school when I started about 47 years ago LOL! I din't know they still had them! my girls didn't when they were at school. That one is especially cool though!
    I would love some of the mesh to stitch through, do you have any idea where it is available in NZ or of the proper name of it?
    I love your blog!! have been a lurker for wuite a while now. Thanks for brightening so many days.

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