Monday, January 24, 2011

A New Little Beanie.

Wahoo - the rains I have been so desperate for arrived yesterday and poured and poured and poured. The boys and I played around with puzzles for a little while and then nestled down on the couch to watch 'Top Gear'. I owe a friend a beanie so I took my circular needles out, some 12 ply wool and my dodgy memories of a beanie I knitted for Hugo a couple of years ago. Not all freestyle knitting works so well for me but fortunately, I now have a little hat ready to gift. I must say though that it looks much better on than off (lying on the bench it sort of looks like a gigantic bosom warmer).
I hope the weekend brought many cosy moments to you too.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. I love that hat! And what a cute little model you have there :)

  2. Lovely stripey beanie, I'm impressed that you made it out of your head, your little one looks so sweet wearing it.

    florrie x

  3. It looks great on and off.

    Love the colours, and Im impressed if you managed that without a pattern.


  4. Love the's so you with it's gorgeous fresh colours! Handsome model. I have to say, if my boobs were that shape I wouldn't care how cold they were! xxx

  5. Beautiful hat. It has such a quality look to it and a little of the old fashioned (good old fashioned) style to it. Yes, first class model there.

  6. oooh i like that - what a great shape for a kid. brilliant idea to be making a beanie now rather then wehn its cold - so much more relaxing :)

  7. I love it, and what a gorgeous little chappie you have modelling it!

    Love Julia x



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