Friday, January 28, 2011

Shoe Shopping with Boys...

There are very few moments, if ever, when a mother can wear the same shoes as her sons and not have to book them in for counselling afterwards (I guess the exception to this rule would be sporting shoes but that's not a huge possibility in this family). There are also very few times noted our family history where we have actually enjoyed a shoe shopping trip. Usually they are just as you would imagine - bursting bladders, dehydration, tantrums... and the boys aren't much better.
But today, oh today was so different. We ventured out into the countryside to visit a friend who has started up a business called Artisan Shoes. I have to point out that this shoe rave is completely off the cuff and no sly envelopes were slipped into my bag on the way out.
So, with a car full of Stef the Bride (who by the way, should perhaps realise the wedding is over and start wearing normal clothes - her gown is becoming a little tattered.) and our collective menagerie, we wove our way up to Catherine's house and began to paw through all of her shoes.
I broke down and bought myself a matching pair to the boys because they were so beautiful and comfortable and they spoke so sweetly. But with all the colours, it was like being in a lolly shop. I almost hit the weepy stage because I didn't know which ones to adopt.
I took some flowers wrapped in string to make up for the over-excitement.
And stuck a straw in to make it just right.
By the way, here is a little picture of my current hot weather project. Archie's jumper has really slowed down, I almost pass out from heat exhaustion just looking at it.
One last glance at the shoes... Navy blue for Archie because he is a big person now, red for Hugo because I still get to choose for him and purple for me because it is the only colour I don't have in my wardrobe.
Clean, fresh and new leather shoes.
Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.


  1. Good morning, dear. What gorgeous shoes. They remind me of the Clarks sandals I had as a child. I'm glad that Steph The Bride is getting her money's worth out of her dress. As you say though..enough now. Your bouquet is so perfect. only you would have added the straw which takes it to another level of stylishness altogether. I'm just glancing up at Stanley, as I type. I'm loving having him here.
    Have a great day, chickadee. Amanda xxxx

  2. Wow, I've just come across your blog and it's gorgeous, beautiful and full of colour. I'll definately be back :)

  3. Love those shoes! Want one in each color!



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