Thursday, January 27, 2011

Honey and Grassy.

A couple of weeks ago, Archie and I placed on order on two little dutch bunnies. We decided to keep it a secret so we could give Hugo a wonderful surprise. When we arrived at the breeders house, he was told we were going to pick up a large crate of broccoli. Can you imagine how thrilled he was to find out that we were instead picking up these two little girls.
I love the facial expression on this one's face. Not its happiest moment.
It is so hard keeping up with twins.
The other exciting thing is that Stef the bride and her mum gave me this skirt. It was originally purchased for Stef's daughter who wasn't so keen on it.... so they thought I should have it!!!! It is going to drape on the wall above our bed on a clothes hanger (maybe a crocheted one) and I can look up at its filminess and dream. I always thought I would have to have a little girl to warrant an article of clothing like this but now I know... as long as I don't awkwardly and bulgingly wear it, I can hang cool girl stuff on the wall.
Now... where can I find some ballet slippers....


  1. Cute bunnies and the skirt, well....sweet dreams. :)

  2. That's one happy little boy eh? The skirt is divine! I'm so glad it's going to be enjoyed as it deserves! Have a great day Kate. xxxx

  3. Aww Kate, what gorgeous photos of the boys and bunnies, I can imagine they were thrilled. Love the frothy skirt. I must confess to having a beautiful '50s dress hanging on the wall which I'd never get into in my wildest dreams but it was so beautiful, I just had to buy it!
    Hen x

  4. Lovely skirt, lovely bunnies...SIGH.

    Renee :)

  5. they will be much loved bunnies is suspect :)
    and GORGEOUS skirt - very frou frou and girlie ;)Now for an occassion . . ..

  6. Ohhh that skirt and ohh those bunnies! how lovely. I would dearly love to have a bunny again!

  7. The boys and their sweet!

  8. A crate of Broccoli turning into two baby bunnies! WOW! It doesn't get much better than that! And the twins are just adorable, the sweetest most gorgeous things ever. I'm partly excited for you at having such fluffies around your home, and partly excited for me, because I'm going to get to see some very cute bunny photos on your blog. And how could anyone not like that skirt? I'm totally baffled, because I think it's beautiful! I'm so excited you've got not one, but TWO bunnies! And Kate, I love your tapestries, they are super cool, and could see an enormous one on your wall as a super cool work of art, with a sofa positioned infront of it, covered in the same super cool tapestry. I'm really serious when I say this. Love Vanessa xxx



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