Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Skirt for Me!

Today I made...
A new skirt (the title of this post kind of gave that away). Pleats on the front AND on the back. I was going to put in an invisible zip but the foot wasn't right for my machine so I thought I may as well make the visible zip into a little feature.
Buttons on the front.
Hopefully I will see Jonno for long enough tomorrow that he can take a photo of me wearing it. I love this skirt so much and will include pattern details (it's by Simplicity) next post. The fabric is a linen/cotton mix and is lovely to wear, making me want to twirl in a sedate manner throughout the house.
Anyhoo, time to put to boys to bed and then get out my knitting needles.
Lots of love,
Kate xxooxx.


Christina said...

The skirt is lovely and that fabric is just beautiful! It reminds me of ice cream! You've done a wonderful job. I would totally be twirling too!


CHD said...

Very cool. I really like it. Anything that inspires twirling has got to be good!

kirsty said...

Lovely. I like the buttons. Happy twirling Kate!

Amanda said...

Beautiful Kate! Very twirly and ladylike. Make sure you show us what it looks like on! Love to all of you. xxxxx

Anne said...

Pretty colours....:)

PUK said...

Hi Kate
I thought I'd just let you know that I just found your blog and I really adore all your colurful pictures and beautiful crafting projects.
I linked to your crocheted ball tutorial today. The text is in Danish, but you can check it out if you like.
Love Puk


Clara said...

So pretty and gives you lots of color choices for tops.


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