Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Wedding!!!!!

Finally after months and months of build up (or at least lots of talking and drinking tea), the morning of wedding arrived... for those of you reading this blog for the first time, yesterday our friends Stef and Rob were married in our garden.
Jonno and the boys stayed with his parents at the beach and I pottered around doing the final touches.
It is very hard to photograph the veranda but we had lanterns, tissue paper flowers and little bottles filled with herbs hanging from hemp twine.

I made a little posy for Stef from wild flowers and the few last roses in the garden... and then of course some tissue paper circles... maybe a new tradition?

The beautiful bride pretending to be serious... and then not so much.
Walking down to meet her fate.
And a snippet of tulle flowers at night. By the way, I am so happy with the tissue paper bunting around the room I think it will have to stay up there until the sheer weight of dust rips it down.
This week will be all about the wedding so prepare yourselves for lots and lots of flowers, papery things and people wearing pretty clothes.
Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.


  1. Oh my goodness! I am greedy for more weddding photos! Looks beautiful and it sounds like you had a great day x

  2. you have done such a wonderful job Kate, it looks beautiful. love the flowers and the bride is gorgeous!


  3. Yep, Stef looked beautiful and the place suited her perfectly! Great job on all fronts, can't wait to see more pics!

  4. Yay - what fun!
    Love the colours and the joy on the bride's face.
    xx A

  5. Pretty dress, very pretty bride. Everything gorgeous and lovely!

  6. It looks beautiful, as does the bride! You are right about the bunting, I made some for Christmas and as it was red, white and pink I think I can just about put it up again and say it's to herald the spring or something, I miss it so much! Yours looks great x

  7. a very beautiful bride in a fabulous dress and holding a a lovely bridal posy too, but the most precious thing is that wonderful smile! it says it all.

    wishing her and her new hubby every happiness xxx



  8. Oh Kate, what a wonderful wedding! The bride is exquisite, she looks like someone from a past age, very delicate, and as though she wafts the scent of roses behind her, gracefully. And your house looks beautiful too, the flowers! You obviously had a ball. A very beautiful ball! Love Vanessa xxx



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