Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Sewing for School...

I am not so great with lunch boxes. In fact, I really can't stand them. They always get lost or broken, or go away on a secret mission only to turn up later with unrecognisable, horror filled furry things peeping up over the lid. I don't want to go on and on about it, but when they finally do become unusable, I always feel sick as I shove the still sturdy, broken lunch box in the bin, knowing that it's life span might out do all of my offspring's' offspring's' offspring and so on and on and on.
Oddly enough, I love little plastic containers and kid's thermoses and little sandwich boxes, however, these never seem to fit properly into lunchboxes either. Thank goodness for this tutorial. Which I have used a couple of times now. On my first attempt I used a stiff and very plasticy oilcloth which was okay but began to split after a while (hmmph). This time I used some Swedish oilcloth which is waterproof, very light and easy to machine wash.
I made four for the boys in the same fabric so they become easily identifiable to our family. Good grief, strange to think I will have to pack two lunches in two more sleeps. How grown up. Bunnies are thriving.
Very much a part of our every day life.
Learning to trust us.
Even if some people don't always appreciate their tender kisses. Actually, I'm not really into kissing animal either. I'm sure you can't catch hydatids from rabbits but still, boundaries are good.
Hope you had a good weekend,
Love Kate xxooxx.
P.S. Late breaking news, we just had an email saying that Archie has been accepted into Cubs (the junior part of Scouts - the waiting list is long in these parts). I am so excited!!! He is a little bit excited - Archie takes life as it comes. But me, I have been jumping around the room. He is going to be a CUB!!!


  1. they are really neat, I am keen to have a go at making some oil cloth ones too, when my oldest turns 4 she has lunch box tuesdays at her pre school so need to make one before then!

  2. The lunch totes are really great and I especially like the pattern you chose. Sweet bunnies!

  3. Ah Kate, that was all good stuff to wake up to! Love the lunchboxes...I'm so relieved I don't have to do packed lunches any more. I absolutely hated it...don't know why! I was looking at the fabric in Ikea the other day and saw your sofa fabric. I really had to resist grabbing passing strangers and telling them, 'Look it's Kate's sofa fabric!' The bunnies are so soft and gorgeous aren't they? Do they live in the house with you? I know it'll be strange to have both boys at school, but that brings joys too. Think of those few sweet hours of peace, to get on with 'stuff'. I'm saying that Kate but I still get excited at 4 when I know J is going to walk through the door from school! Have a lovely day. Amanda xxxx

  4. I wish my kids were still in school, I would love to make a couple of these lunchboxes..........I don't think they'd be very happy with me if I made them for college.......great news about cubs, both my boys were in the scout movement, from beavers through to scouts, they loved it.

    Because of problems with someone who reads my blog, I've had to change my url address to:

    Hope you still visit.
    florrie x

  5. Ah fabulous fabric! Love it! The lunch bags have turned out really well - and as for those rabbits...oh my, heart-melty moment happening here!!
    Happy to hear your little bean has been accepted into the Cubs, that's exciting news!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  6. Aaaaaagh! Look, it's me! I'm following you.... didn't think that would sound like that actually. Little creepy. anyway, love your work kate. Although I do think you could be mentioning me more often- people must be wondering what I'm up to now... since the wedding an' all. And I am NOT still wearing my dress thankyou.



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