Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bunting and Trees and Chooks and Stuff.

It was raining and our hens were very put out as they had to cancel their busy day. The picnic table was welcome shelter although there was a moment of awkwardness when the chook on the far right pecked at a patch of grass where the chook on the far left had just done her business. The middle two didn't know whether to tell her or not and the culprit pretended someone else did it.
So today, I had a little bit of time at home on my own - this meant time to get a serious move on with some paintings. It was more paper-cutting than painting as it was scissor work all day.
Cutting up tissue paper into triangles (tissue paper has suddenly become my favourite 'thing'.
And making bunting for trees. At this point I must point out that no actual books were harmed during the making of this painting. I scanned some old text into the scanner and printed it. I can't bring myself to have scissors anywhere near books.
And another glimpse of where I am heading.


  1. ooh, it looks amazing...can't wait to see it!
    your chooks look lovely - ours have just regained their feathers after the moult... they look so much nicer!

  2. Love the bunting on the trees! I often read your blog, I think your crochet and knitted items are really lovely. As well as the crafts you do with your boys of course.

    Keep up the good work!
    With best wishes from England

  3. Chickens do have busy lives don't they. I'd love to keep chickens, I find them fascinating. Your paintings are so unusual Kate, really interesting, they draw you in, and the effect of the bunting is beautiful. The blanket is coming on nicely isn't it? I love the old fashioned feel to the colours. Love Vanessa xxx

  4. Kate, I am so relieved you left the books alone!! I can't bear them being cut up too, hate seeing them made into bags, especially Enid Blyton books, or whole books used to make decorative paper cuts. Makes me sad! Poor chook eating that 'pate'!
    Love your non-commenting sister xoxoxo

  5. Love the picture.. how do you stop one chook picking on another without seperating them?



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