Friday, July 16, 2010


Our old front door worked very well for a while... until it stopped working (a couple of years ago). Now we have a new one, it even opens.
And a dark, blank wall has given us a view.
Hugo's family portrait - some of us are naked (Jonno and Archie) - some of us are not (Kate and Hugo).
I am loving our renovations getting into full swing. It is hard to do anything at the moment as every time I turn around there is a new door or window or wall. The electrician is here, I had better go and pretend to put a knife in a powerpoint near him... or maybe not.


  1. I'm sad to see the door go, it has seen you through so much in your life and I think of your wedding photo, Jonno and you standing there absorbed in each other, a stunning photo! The French doors look beautiful and I can't wait to see them!! Plus the new front door! The new door will be there to welcome all your family and friends, the first thing people see before your lovely smile!! Love Mum PS I love the painting and am so glad you have framed it.

  2. The old door is gorgeous... what are you will do with it?

    The new doors are great too, and the draw... absolutely adorable :)c



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