Friday, July 2, 2010

The School Costumes!!!!

Squire Squirm.
And on a more serious note.
A happy birthday boy in the middle.
Up in a tree.
Finally I can do the big reveal. There are so many costumes to show from Archie's school play but as I am not keen on posting other people's children without permission, I will just stick to Archie and his cousins Will and Rose. Jodie (my cousin/sister-in-law) made Will's lord outfit and I think it is just incredible. It is also Will's eighth birthday today and he is looking very handsome for it. How wonderful to think that all three performances of the school play are over and that any sewing will now be just for us!!!! Happy school holidays!!!


  1. Those costumes are just fantastic! So much fun :) K

  2. What happy faces! Lots of love, Amanda xxx p.s. I did a post especially for you yesterday..pop over for a read. xxx

  3. Well done you! What a marathon to get the costumes all completed. Still, at least you had a cruise in the middle, as a stress reliever (hehehe)



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