Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pippi Longstocking... By Rose.

My niece has been reading my copy of the Lauren Child illustrated, 'Pippi Longstocking' and she drew me this beautiful picture. It is now officially one of my all time favourite things in this world. I want to keep it forever. Even when she is famous.

At the moment it is resting on the desk but I think it will have to go up on my bedroom wall.
Right now I am tucking in millions of tails,
And thinking about the sorts of bodies I need to give to little heads like this.
AND making ginger crunch.
And trying not to eat too much.


melissa said...

What a beautiful picture , I love the detail of the flowers on her dress. Your blanket looks so cosy and lovely!

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Adorable drawing! and is that some homespun I see sitting next to her??

Amanda said...

Ooooh...I like the look of the hexxy bit of gorgeousness? Lets see more? Love, Amanda xxx

Aubrey said...

I love the painting and please tell the artist how wonderful it is from her Aunty Gaga!

Bolmara said...

I love this blanket . Congratulations.


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