Friday, July 23, 2010

Playing with paper.

This week has been a busy week with incredibly important things such as staring at colour chips and drinking tea and staring at more colour chips. However, I did take some time out and visited my cousin where we were very industrious producing many, many, many tissue paper flowers for the school's bollywood ball.
Can you imagine the heady thrill knowing that by crafting I was a very helpful mother, very seriously helping the school. Let me tell you it was hard to stop. Have a good weekend!!
P.S. This is being written a little while later - I am in an absolute panic, my new room which is being painted in white, is going to have yellow trim around the bottom scotia and windows and the doors will be yellow too. The only thing is, the yellow I have chosen is called sulphur and now I am really worried. What kind of colour is sulphur? What kind of person would choose sulphur. And then... over the last few days, every time I have opened the cupboard to get a mug I have felt strange, as though something is not quite right and I don't know why, as though we don't have enough mugs.................... And I have just found out that my favourite mug has smashed (why did I not notice earlier - well sometimes it stays up on my work table for a few days). It was a friend to me and always let me drink from it and never complained about the heat. Goodbye my friend, may your rest in peace. xxooxxooxx.


  1. Love those flowers. What a good mum you are!


  2. The flowers are gorgeous!! Which mug has gone missing? Sometimes I just wish I could turn back the clock and alter the destiny of things.....and people[!] who have gone from my own pasture, to 'pasture new!!' Love Mum

  3. Aw Kate, I'm sorry about your mug! I feel like that about my favourite wine glass! I'd be distraught if I ever broke it! It'll be interesting to see how the Sulpher turns out! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  4. Those little things, like a smashed mug are actually quite big things, especially when the word smashed enters the equation. Hope you find a new favourite mug. I think the name sulphur is wonderful, it conjures up a really cool yellow in my mind! Love Vanessa xxx

  5. So sorry about the mug. We all have a favorite. I try to keep mine well protected because I don't think everyone in the house understands how attached I am to it. I am interested in "bollywood ball". What is that exactly?

  6. Oh no! the cheap and nasty mugs never seem to break do they, only the well loved ones! jenny



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