Monday, July 26, 2010

This is just a little glimpse of Hugo's blanket to hook you in.
Some more - it is growing day by day... except for tonight when I was so tired I lay down in front of the telly and let my hands curl into fists below my chin while I watched yet another episode of "True Blood". The colours are such a departure for me with the whole oatmealy/grey/brown wool dominating, but I like it. I feel brave and as though I am on an adventure - can you tell I don't get to town very often?
This is really the main reason for getting your attention. The doors are beginning to get their new coats on. Previously faded red and flaking, we are now going up in the world with a dark bluey/purple gloss. Keep in mind this door isn't finished yet.
And a hyacinth still in the between stages of lilac and green.

I won't use too many words tonight as my head is turned inside out by paint fumes. Unfortunately with the exterior doors we have to use an oil based primer.... I can see why it is hardly used anymore. I feel as though my eyeballs have been taken out of head, swapped and jammed back into the wrong sockets. I might start babbling in a moment and goodness knows that would not be a good thing. Off to bed for an early night instead. See you tomorrow, xxooxx.


  1. crochet in hand and an episode of True Blood - I can think of no better treat!! Love your blanket, the colours look so good together

  2. Your hyacinth is truly beautiful, is it in your garden or in a pot? Hugo will really enjoy snuggling down under that, love MUM

  3. I forgot the door colour, looks great, can't wait to see it, although...I still love the faded, chipped red door, love Mum

  4. Oh...I love it all!!! If the paint fumes are still a problem then cut an onion in half, peel it and soak it in a small bowl of water with the cut side up. Change the onion every day and that should stay on top of the wiff!! Good Luck!!

  5. Kate, Hugos' blanket is looking beautiful and I love the earthy colour tones, Amanda



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