Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Spotty Day.

I'm thinking Hugo must be part cat the way he snuggled on the bean bag in the sun.
Another chicken poxy day almost reaching its close. Archie and I worked companionably side by side up in my studio working on our various projects. After the wedding invitations yesterday, I needed to make myself an ice cream picture and I have to say that it satisfies the weight watching part of me that would love to be gorging on ice cream right now as I type. I think I had better now do lots of self-saucing puddings. Maybe I should just make one out of food stuffs instead. I can't stop thinking about it now - an apple-caramel-self-saucing-pudding- yum.
A good weekend to you all. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Poor Archie, I remember having chicken pox as a child, and it was miserable, all that itching. Hope he recovers soon. Well done on raising all that money with your crochet and works of art! FANTASTIC! You must be thrilled Kate. And Hugo's room does look like something out of an interiors magazine, I have to say. Your posts have been coming thick and fast this week, and I'm all a fluster that I haven't been keeping up with them properly, as I want to comment on each and every one. Here's a little virtual tickle under the chin for the little cat curled up in the sun. Love Vanessa xxx

  2. Poor little chap! Hope he's feeling better now. Worried about you all in NZ at the moment, hope you were nowhere near the 'quake? love Penny x

  3. Aw chicken pox is awful! Hope the little dude feels better soon xx



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