Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Knitting for Sanity.

Today everytime I have found myself staring longingly at the walls, I have sat down and knitted a couple of rows. Knitting is such a sanity saver!!! Poor Jonno is now resembling human bubble wrap and Hugo's case has developed into a very convincing dot-to-dot map. Hoots (as we call him) started going downhill mid-morning and I tried to keep him distracted with craft... to my complete astonishment it didn't work and we ended up reading lots of books instead. So the picture above is a wishful start to the village I thought we could make together. It was the sticky tape that did it - it refused to obey him and was just too exhausting. I did a few lines after that incident (lines of the knitting kind).

However, right now there is a sort of peace. Archie and Hugo are watching 'Babe' and Jonno is upstairs reading a book. Chicken soup is bubbling and a big batch of stewed apple is cooling down on the bench. Isn't it funny how a peaceful house goes hand in hand with food production...

Lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Thank goodness for craft to give us a distraction when we are in the middle of something not so pleasant. Chicken soup and stewed apples, Mmmmmm... lovely comfort food. Hope you have a good night with your two sick lads.

    Anne xx

  2. Knitting has saved me many times too. ;-) Hope you have a great day and everyone is on the mend.

  3. crafting and blogging are complete sanity savers!jennyx

  4. So sorry to hear the chicken pox is working its way thru' the family. Knitting is most definitely a sanity saver (crochet too, I might add!) Hope all is well very soon, I'm suer the chicken soup will do the trick! love Penny x

  5. I hear ya!
    My house is a bomb site but the only way I can deal with anything today knit two rows, put some washing away, knit two rows, unpack the dishwasher, knit two...
    I hope you are all feeling much better really soon.

  6. Two rows and I was asleep on the armchair today... This is so rare! Loved it.

    Nice bright knits at your place - no sleeping amongst orange and red rows!



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