Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Revisiting the Chickens.

Stage 2 of my project.
Spring Flowers.
More cushions for the new couch... I still haven't put back onto any of them yet.

This little boy here - the one with the cheeky smile? He has just been told he has to stay at home for the week because he.... drum roll... has come down with the chicken pox. Can you see the delight dancing across his face? I have to add that this case of c.pox may be one of the mildest beginnings ever. Hugo told me it was because he has been eating too much chicken and too much chicken skin. He is now walking around the house pretending to be a chicken. It must also be said at this time that he is a little boy who would like to stay at home forever and never, never leave it... unless party food is involved so to have a faint case of chicken pox is a dream come true.
However, Jonno is not feeling the same way. Yes, Jonno has come down with the chicken spots too and by comparison is very, very poorly indeed covered in spots and feeling very low with flu-like symptoms. He just didn't beam at me in the same way when I confirmed his pox. No strutting around the house pretending to be a rooster for Jonno.
So once again we have some very quiet housebound days coming up which I don't mind at all - I just hope the nights aren't too rough.
Worse than the chicken pox though ( aren't I just a breath of fresh air this morning) - Mum had her appendix removed over the weekend. It all went really well and she is now back home but I couldn't even bring myself to post about it until I knew she was safe. She is feeling very tired and
sore but will hopefully be well and truly on the way to recovery before too long.
Aside from that all is well - we have a chimney sweep climbing on our roof (at least that's what he said he is) and Hugo's poppa is snuggling him on the couch (or wrestling) and lunch about to be made. Lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. That is a great picture of Hugo and really I'd love to see a pic of Jonna strutting around like a chicken.

  2. You poor thing - man pox as well as chicken pox. I hope they recover quickly and least it will be over and done with by the school holidays.

    Take care


  3. Joy oh joy! Two males with chicken pox in the house. Adults with chicken pox suffer quite badly so I do feel for your hubbie. And YOU especially 'cos you have to do all work now! Hope they both get better soon.
    Glad to hear your Mum is o.k. I've been wondering where she's been and assumed she was still enjoying grandbaby time.
    Your family has been going through the mill recently with chicken pox, earthquakes and appendix problems. I'm sure things will settle down for you soon.

    Take care,

    Anne xx

  4. My kids have just come down with the chicken pox too! haha laughing at your boy pretending to be a chicken.
    Gorgeous blog. Just came across it from Jenn at Jacoliy.

  5. Your post made me chuckle this morning.... he does look so cheeky! Sending best wishes to all your family members - hope you don't come down with anything! Us mums just can't afford to be ill!xx

  6. I love the pillows, and the pictures of the kids are so cute!

  7. I'm so sure that you will sail through October serenely because all the drama and illness is happening this month, then there will be no more!
    And besides you seem to become really creative under pressure, Kate, your couch looks so pretty with all the crochet cushions, I back mine with old white sheeting and then make a "shirt-front back" with an op shop shirt so it can just be buttoned on and off. (Hope this is helpful)
    ps the baby hats are adorable, such wonderful color combinations ...

  8. Loved this post and all of the tones in the photographs.
    I hope your house is depoxed soon!

  9. Chicken pox can often be a completely different experience. My daughter was absolutely covered in masses and masses of spots but felt as fit as a flea. My friends little boy had about 3 spots and felt very ill indeed. They do itch though and can leave scarring so try to treat the itching and tell them not to scratch (my daughter didn't and had no scarring, a little girl at school had several where she had picked at them). Easier said than done I know. Hope your two are fighting fit again soon.

  10. oh gosh, his smile is SO cute/adorable! it's so cute that he was so excited like that. :) it's been quite some time since he's had the chicken pox, but wanted to comment.



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