Thursday, September 9, 2010

Silver Linings.

That's just a bit of cake batter around his mouth, not the beginnings of a moustache.
Ice Cream Man.
A carnivorous plant made to Hugo's specifications.
Little baby ducklings.
And the mama duck.
The collection soon to be blue tacked in Hugo's room. Note the silver clouds above the blossom tree.
My project.
Jonno's lunch time project.
The delicious project.
Hugo and I started of the day by driving Archie to school rather than the bus stop so I could have a chat with Hugo's new teacher for next year. What a sobering conversation, he only has one more term left at preschool and then he is going to be a big-little school boy.
On the basis of that revelation and with the rain pouring down, we spent the entire morning baking and crafting. And we were both pretty pleased with the results.
I find that it can be quite hard to do a project together that highlights Hugo's efforts rather than is a mash mash of the both of us. I have written about coming to terms with the boy's having very different ideas to me when I have set up an activity for them and this time was no different. All of our blossoms are popping out of branches at the moment so I thought we could do something spring-like.
And of course, Hugo just wanted to cut up paper and have me make the tree - so in the end I came up with the idea of having little pictures from tissue paper that he could then illustrate... and along came Ice Cream Man, Mama Duck, little baby ducks and a complicated man-eating plant that was cut out by me in a game we played to see if I could match his vision. And then when we were almost finished with the blossom picture he decided we had to have silver clouds - Yes!!! I have to say that I am the one who came out of this morning with inspiration and new directions. Hugo of course, loved telling me what to do.
After all that... we ate cake.


  1. What a lovely morning,making memories too! jennyx

  2. I love those kind of mornings! The carnivorous plant is ace!

  3. Hermosas fotgrafias, tu niño es hermoso.
    Y tu cuadrado en crochet me encanto!

    Fotgrafias beautiful, your child is beautiful.
    And your crochet square charm me!

  4. The couch looks fab, really fab, and so much easier to dress than a little girl, who if Hugo is anything to go by, will have very different ideas to what she wears. I always find it quite disconcerting when children assert themselves with their own ideas, my niece does that, could be infuriating if it was a constant thing! I have noticed that it seems to be Hugo who has very different ideas from you, rather than Archie, would I be correct here?!!!! Love Vanessa xxx

  5. You are such a good mother, Kate, I especially love that silver-lined cloud so much ... Enjoy this precious time together.

    Oh and your couch is so fabulous it really shows off that fabric and is a classic vintage shape - very inviting ...
    Happy crochet, I really like the first square!

  6. The couch looks fab, absolutely fab, and so abundant easier to dress than a little girl, who if Hugo is annihilation to go by, will accept actual altered account to what she wears. I consistently acquisition it absolutely annoying if accouchement advance themselves with their own ideas, my niece does that, could be infuriating if it was a connected thing!



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