Monday, September 20, 2010

Climbing the Walls... and trying to get back down again.

This afternoon I hit the wall... and then I started climbing it. Light is certainly starting to twinkle at the end of the tunnel but how long can four people be cooped up in a house with wet, windy weather and itchy crankiness. In all fairness to the boys, they are looking much better. I have just lost the plot though. EEEEEKKKKK.
As a result I grabbed the hammer... and decided today was the day to start hanging pictures up in the new room. I gingerly knocked against the wall with my knuckles to locate where any beams or noggins or whatever were and Hugo came into the room. He was obviously expected to make a report back to Archie so he shouted "It's just Mum punching the walls".
After the pictures were hung I was suddenly overwhelmed, filled with sickening compulsion (you know how it feels when you have done anything 'creative' in a while) and made the linen flower picture above. When it was done I felt good - very good.
Aside from that I have a new little friend above, Michael Mouse. He is also pretty nonchalant but doesn't realise that he is only a prototype at this stage... don't get too cocky young mouseman.
Time to tear the boys away from t.v. for dinner - hopefully the gory docco will give them a good appetite.
Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. That linen flower is just gorgeous!!!

    Eilidh had a rough time with Chicken pox too, because of eczema. The doc warned me to get her specially vaccinated and it was only list of things to get around to when she got hit with it. Horrible. I feel your pain.

  2. Your linen flower is stunning! I lingered over it for a good while before reading on, only to discover it was made by you. You're so talented Kate! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  3. I love the linen flower, so casual yet so chic. Michael mouse is in serious competition with Stanley rabbit in the cuteness factor. :-) Wishing you an itch free household and some sunshine and fresh air very soon.
    Hang in there Kate.

  4. From a distance your flower looks real. Terrific. Cherrie

  5. Love the mouse, love the flower -- you did good!

  6. Oh it all looks so good, Kate.
    Do you have a tomato red wall? How wonderful ... Itches away ...

  7. I know what you mean about being cooped in the house by the weather. We spent 8+ hours, instead, in Dicken's Little Dorrit. Hadn't planned to watch it all in one weekend, but what a great way to ignore the howling winds, the pounding rains.

  8. Your linen flower is beautiful - you may need to give us a tutorial on how to make them. I spent part of Sunday framing my cherubs artwork and hanging it up - was dying for a splash of colour on my walls.

    Roll on some fine weather for all of us.

  9. The linen flower isabsolutely gorgeous!! I also love Mason plates and have 2 just like yours hanging on my living room wall. Pleased your boys are getting better. We are in the midst of snow and freezing cold here in Southland have had some weekend time doing craft, as you say very therapeutic. Love popping into your blog. thanks



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