Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not a Tidy House.

I really am going to tidy the house today... but there were minor malfunctions with the youngest of my small brood and I had to fix him.
It all began when the boys were invited to walk through the farm and have a cup of tea with their Poppa. Hugo tripped over half way there and ended up limping home distraught. Archie stayed with him despite his little brother shouting at him to go away and made sure that he reached home safely. I can't tell you how proud I am of my biggest little man.
Archie is now at Gran and Poppa's house but Hugo stayed at home, still not very well and completely tuckered out. So, how to restore Hugo's inner peace - craft.
From painting with food dye and oil pastels to using straws as bubble blowers - I think he is fixed.


  1. Glad all worked out. It's amazing what siblings will do for one another when it comes right down to it.

  2. Oh poor little man, he has been in the wars recently. Go Archie for being such a responsible big brother. Don't you just love proud moments as parents? :-)
    The crafting looks like a lot of fun for one little out of sorts person. What a great mum you are for distracting him so beautifully.
    Bye the way, tidy houses aren't all that they are cracked up to be. :-) Enjoy your day and I hope you get some lovely crafty time to yourself SOON!

  3. Tidy houses really are way overrated:) There is always tomorrow anyway, and my theory is homes are meant to be lived in. And your blog is an explosion of beautiful colour! Love coming to visit and get a dose of colour infusion. How cute of your boys - hope all is at peace again. Hope you enjoyed some of the gorgeous spring sunshine we had up here in the Bay. Ciao

  4. Hope your little guys are all feeling better soon. Illnesses/injuries always seem to come at once. Don't worry about the house - your kids always look so happy and no child ever remembers how tidy their home was when they were little, but they always remember the fun times with Mum.

  5. Ahh poor thing, but what a super star big bro! I reckon crafting day like that are the things he will remember when he is a Daddy himself!

  6. Just looks like my house - great isn't it!!!
    xxx Rachel xxx

  7. loving all of the colour around your place.

    Hope spring is rearing it's head over there for you guys.

    xx Amy

  8. Such a beautiful post - just loved it. It sums up so much about the deep love there can be between siblings. And isn't it funny how different they can be when you have them on their own? My little one is generally a scamp, but when it's just us two she's an angel. Thanks for this great post, Kate :) Kx



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