Monday, September 13, 2010

Washi Tape and Little Beanies.

Today was a good mail box day - another parcel from Katydid... more washi tape. It's the best thing in the world and I love it to bits - all the things I can cover with it!!! If you are wondering what on earth washi tape is, it's a translucent masking tape with origami style patterns on it. I wrote a bit about it on my last post.
Our weekend was very quite and very much spent inside with lots and lots of rain bucketing down around us. And so with bravery shining from our hearts, Archie, Hugo and I ventured down to the video shop and borrowed 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Ponyo'. Have I ever been so happy... I don't know.
With Johnny Depp up in our T.V. and my boys by my side, I spent my weekend knitting baby beanies (not for me, I will tell you about them another day) and crocheting cushion covers. Heaven.
Monday morning has treated us well so far, as I mentioned earlier, a package in the mail. Hugo and I also had hot chocolate milk in a garden cafe and bought lots of plants and then we trekked even further to the supermarket. Now we have all the food we could ever dream of consuming in one week. I feel so safe! Lots and of love and I hope your Monday is treating you kindly, Kate xxooxx.
P.S. I have just added a link to my crochet ball tutorial but realised that there are a few mistakes at the end which I will remedy a.s.a.p....


  1. I love the wee beanies, will you also be sharing a pattern for them? I have a few babies due (to friends, not myself!) early next year and I'm yet to find the 'perfect' pattern for babe hats.

  2. cute beanies!
    I bought some tape on the weekend too, looking forward to it getting here.

  3. I LOVE your colour choices for your beanies. I'm sure the parents of the new babies will love them

  4. I got some washi tape last week in london and have had great fun playing with it. Of course, now I think I'll develop an obsession! Your beanies are just so wonderfully colourful.

  5. I was - wondering that is - it is very cute....sorry the washi tape - love the beanies too.

    Nina x

  6. Kate , thank you for such a lovely welcome home.Oh I could sing I'm so happy to be back! I had an idea!!!! Shall we swap a rabbit/hare? Say no by all means, but I love, love , love Stanley. If you'd like one of mine I would love to have one of yours and they're not too heavy to post. What do you think? Lots of love to you and the family, Amanda xxxx Hi Aubrey!xxx

  7. Love the beanies - the colour combinations are just lovely!

  8. Those stripes! Those luscious stripes! Divine colour combos there Kate. There's something about stripes that makes me drool.
    It sounds like you've been having the most awful time, I've just been working down through your posts about chicken pox, feeling very cooped up, you poor thing, there's no escape is there. Love Vanessa xxx



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