Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From the Green Room.

I am still loving Hugo's green room - his crochet blanket looks pretty happy too.
Starting to play around with ideas on the back of a knitting pattern. They are so versatile aren't they!
One of the rabbits taking time out to smell the roses.
Archie is now covered from head to toe with the chicken pox and they have reached the really intense stage. Last night he couldn't get to sleep even with all of the anti-itching remedies so I resorted to reading Harry Potter at midnight (quite a cool time to read it). We accidentally woke Hugo up and he came into Archie's room completely furious that I have never read him a story in the middle of the night. He was very cross for a long time which meant trying to settle two little fellows. I am definitely napping today, I can taste sleep now.
Thank goodness it is the first day of Spring and the air is tinged with a warm sort of promise. You can't help but blossom with cheerfulness.


  1. Poor Archie. I hope this yucky phase of chicken pox passes quickly. Thank goodness for Harry Potter and reading at midnight is COOL!
    I hope you get a lovely nap today.

  2. Oh no chicken pox is the pits - that's a mighty cute blankie though!

  3. Hi! There is an award on my blog for you! xx

  4. Has Hugo had chicken pox - if not start counting down till about 10 days time - you'll probably get to have another midnight reading session. Keep lots of chocolate on hand for mummy treats. Hope you get some sleep too.




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