Monday, September 6, 2010

Stanley and the Pirates.

Stanley and big Stanley Pirates.
Part of Archie's father's day present to Jonno - battling cards.
Fingers crossed, but tomorrow I think I may be sending my big little boy back to school. His chicken pox all seem to be healing beautifully and there is just too much energy radiating from his rapidly growing body to be contained at home. The thing that is slightly worrying me is whether I am able to get him to his 8.25am school bus. How on earth did I manage it a couple of weeks ago?
On the other hand I am dying to get into some sewing. The fabric has been sitting in a big heap since I arrived back from Australia just waiting for me to cover a couch with it. Maybe tomorrow will be the day. Over the past week my only goal is to have the kitchen bench gleaming once a day and to occasionally get out of pyjamas if the strength could be found... maybe I have been treating this enforced isolation as a little bit of a holiday...
Now as you can probably see from my post, we were not affected by the earthquakes on Saturday morning in Christchurch - we are two thirds of the way up the north island and didn't feel a thing. However, my brother, sister-in-law and niece had a terrible time of it sheltering under the dining room table but came through unscathed. How amazing it is to measure so high on the Richter scale and to come out the other side with no loss of life. There are always ads on t.v. about quake-safing your house and I think Jonno and I might go around doing a bit of fastening furniture to the walls and the like. We have only had little ones here but my perspective has certainly been changed on it all.
Anyway, better clock off and cook some kind of nutrient clad dinner for the famberly.
Love Kate, xxooxxooxx.


  1. Hi Kate,
    I love your pirate bunnies, they're ready to get into mischief no doubt! Glad your little big boy is better. Looking forward to seeing what becomes of the fabric you showed us in you 28/8 post. Happy sewing.

  2. you are a crochet genius. A "crenius" if you will...

  3. Are you going to share your Stanley pattern I wonder, there's so little for boys out there!jennyx

  4. So glad to hear you are all ok. The Stanley gang are really gorgeous. Hope your little one is well enough to get back to school. Getting them out of the front door can be a struggle sometimes, I know!
    Hen x

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pirate bunnies!

  6. Glad you're safe and sound. I love those pirate bunnies!

  7. Love that Stanley and his motley crew!

    I am cautiously anticipating some mama-solo crafting time soon, as the little one begins kindergarten this week. many piles of materials calling to me too. :)

    glad you are safe and sound.

  8. Stanley and the Pirates sounds like the name of a band! Am loving the bunnies, so excited little baby Bowler is coming along with that sort of crafty goodness! xox

  9. Stanley and the Pirate Bunnies! I'd so go see that band! They're great and made me laugh out loud when I saw the page - thanks for sharing



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