Monday, September 27, 2010


A photo to show the sun shining again after weeks of wind and rain.
What are the boys watching so intently...
Jonno and his sausage maker - chicken, sun dried tomatoes and white wine.
Hugo's toast - he is sick again, this time with strep throat and needed some cheering up.
Hard to believe but we are back to quietly shuffling around the house as Hugo is feeling very poorly with lots of temperatures and a sore throat. It's no surprise really as of course the only place we have been while his system was under attack was the doctors and there always seem to be a few germs lurking around.
As for me, sleep and strep throat don't go hand in hand so I am catching up with snippets of naps here and there. I am actually feeling very cheerful - just such a relief to have chicken pox over and done with. But you know what - I am so looking forward to posting about craft and only craft!!!


  1. Hopefully everyone will be feeling better soon.

  2. Poor Hugo - hope he gets better soon!

  3. Oh dear! It's never easy when the children are poorly. I remember it only too well. Look forward to reading about your crafty bits and pieces again very soon. Ris

  4. Poor Hugo and poor you - especially in the holidays. Mine both got sick within a week or two of recovering from chicken pox too. Thought I'd never be able to sew or card make again. Hope he recovers quickly - look forward to seeing some crafting from you.




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