Friday, September 10, 2010

Cushions, Couches, Blankets and Rabbits.

I am just getting the couch used to the weight of crocheted goods - breaking it in if you will. She seems to be holding steady.
This is the cushion cover I finished last night, I now have to somehow make it functional. Anyone?
Stanley and his friends are a centrepiece at the moment. Would you care for a spot of rabbit ear?
My friend Stef came over this morning - she's getting married in my garden during the summer and is very kindly allowing me to vent a bit of my wedding obsessiveness in her direction. Let's just say there will be lots of washi tape - (I have to admit that it was Stef's idea to put washi tape around jars... genius).
And here is a basket of fresh wool luxuriating in our first bit of sunshine and waiting with breathless anticipation for the next cushion to begin.
Today we have moments of sun breaking through the clouds. I feel as though it has been years since it's been here (am I quoting the beatles at the moment?). Blossom and sunlight. I think I might weep. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.


  1. Your photos tell so well your mood for today; everything cheery and bright! :)

    Your couch doesn't know how good its got it, lucky couch!

    I have been steadily resisting the urge to buy washi tape...

  2. love that spotty crochet number, just gorgeous. I made some some big cushions using the same fabric on your couch for my son's classroom, such great fabric.

  3. Lurrrrrve that blanket. Haven't crocheted since May (think I was all crocheted out having been stranded on holiday due to volcanic ash, crocheting for dear life) but now it's getting cold and gloomy here, I'm tempted to pick up that hook...
    Hen x

  4. Love your polka-dot-hex blanket, it's fabulous.

  5. Hermosos tu crochet, me encantaron los conejitos!

    Beautiful your crochet, I loved the bunnies!

  6. And as we head into autumn, I gaze longingly at your multi-coloured hexagon crochet blanket... your cushion is great, too.

  7. I love the rabbits! I have just found your blog and it's quite lovely. I enjoy all your projects and the artwork of your son as well. I have done some of the baby hats but I've never done them in such nice colors. Why, I'm not sure because I love bright colors on a baby. I just never thought of it.

  8. oh, i wish i could have been there, with you + Stef, talking wedding plans....
    thanks for sharing, and making me feel included in the plans -even if only by way of beautiful pictures and words.

  9. Lovely! The blanket is gorgeous :D



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