Friday, June 12, 2009

New(ish) colour combinations.

Sometimes I feel as though I have been staring at my basket of wool for too long and I am beginning to tire of the faces looking back at me. That's usually about the time I embark on a trip to town to visit my favourite shop, '11th Ave Wool'. However, keeping the rest of the world company, we are having to tighten the purse strings (I wish I had a purse with strings) and limit these exhilarating kinds of excursions.
Last night when I began to hit the brick wall of hexagoning (which is an essential part of the process otherwise I would never get to bed) I had a chance encounter with some very soft colours and suddenly, with energy renewed, went a little free-form. I am now feeling pretty happy with this new combination and can't wait to do a bit more circle work.
By the way, is there anybody out there who also thinks electricity is really a scientific word for magic?


  1. I agree completely . . . how is it that the minute we don't have electricity (even for a moment) the need for a cup of tea emerges? Very strange. Love the colours Kate!

  2. I'm the same! It is so hard to put the crochet down and go to bed until I'm over it, or my eyes start getting blurry...




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