Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Greedy For Colour's 200th Post and the Lucky Winner.

Archie's Eyeful Tower - I am pretending he made it in triumph of Greedy For Colour's 200th post!
Cups of tea to celebrate and remember how far we've come.
And the evolution of ideas from one photo to the next.
Okay, time to announce the winner of THE GREAT BIG GREEDY GIVEAWAY but first, because there has been such delicious honesty from all the participants I had better include one of my (many) stories. I am greedy for food, for crafting materials and yes... for colour, but most of all I am greedy for attention - my whole family can testify to this, I'm the youngest for heaven's sake. Anyhoo, one day I was feeling particularly hungry for good attention from my mum and must have worked out the best way to do this was to slightly alienate my older sister (it was also most likely doubling as revenge for some dreadful thing she did to me). With my heart drumming in my ears just like footsteps, I reached for a ball point pen and wrote her name on a pink and white gingham bedspread. It was perfect, Mum was very cross indeed with Lucy, ignoring her protestations of innocence.... until. Yes, unfortunately I was quickly caught as I had left the sheet of paper I had been practising Lucy's signature on by the bed. Not my finest hour but keep in mind I was only five. In fact reading this story out to my husband I am crippled with a very faint tinge of remorse, maybe not crippled but faintly rippled - so Lucy there will be an apology brooch coming out to you.
I have to say it was the hardest thing choosing one answer as they were all so funny and I just love that you were all so open in your answers. I have to admit there was a short list of four in the end and a special mention must go to daylesford organics with her secret berry patch feasting, Gina with the most wonderfully bizarre mushroom story I have ever heard and dianna with her intense greed for a box of wool despite the fact she despite her inability to knit.
Now, on to the winner. Because I have a slight whiff of guilt, I have to admit there was one particular entry that filled me with the reassurance I was not the only one to frame a sibling in greedy pursuit. So congratulations M* (Melanie), you had me in stitches. Here is her post:
"I was worried that the tale I am about to tell is not a greedy tale but after checking the dictionary definition I am pleased (?) to say that it may just fit the definition...Greedy - having or showing an intense and selfish desire to do something...When I was little (around 5 yo) I had the urge to draw on the inside of the kitchen cupboards with crayon. I knew it was wrong and I knew I'd get in trouble but I really really wanted to do it. The inside of the cupboards were painted with white matt paint, a beautiful surface to draw on!Sooo, because I wanted to do it and didn't want to get into to trouble for it I decided to draw pictures with my left hand so that it looked like my little brother drew on them. He was two years younger than me and still drew very simple styled drawings. When mum discovered the pictures she was furious. She got very angry at my brother who denied having done it (he hadn't!) while I sat and watched and didn't say a thing, after all the evidence all pointed to him.About 10 years ago I finally confessed to my mum that it was in fact me who had drawn on the cupboards. She was horrified!! It was really bad. What an atrocious child I was!".
Thank you so much for taking part of my 200th post celebration and thank you to everyone for for all of your feedback and reading of the blog. Without it it would be a flimsy piece of paper floating in the wind - thanks for catching it in your nets. Take care and lots of love xx00xx00xx00xx.


  1. Haha, congratulations to Em, I thought her greed story was hilarious. And yours Kate, tut tut, I'd recognise you as a youngest sister any day. (I'm a middle sister - by far the best position to be in!).

  2. Oh and those little cups of tea - priceless.

  3. I look forward to receiving my brooch, Kate! Now does anyone wonder why I'm so scared having had my name forged by my younger sister?! Oh there's no need for Kate to tell you any of my lovely sisterly moments, is there...

  4. By the way, I meant to write 'scarred' not 'scared', but maybe it's just as appropriate!

  5. I feel really annoyed with myself that I missed your giveaway, I'm so sorry! Can I join in just as a gesture?!
    Still, I did get to read your hilarious story about the signature! Of course now you might have embroidered over it, made it a feature on the sheet, if you were your mum? Wouldn't it be great if that sheet was still to hand to show us all?!
    Love vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)



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