Monday, June 8, 2009

Home Scenes

The house needed a bit of soul put back into its neglected womb today so the oven was switched on, a lamb casserole was prepared for slow cooking and a batch of biscuits were made with Hugo's quick, sticky-handed help. Wet, clean clothes have been hung on a rack in front of the fire and mounds of dishes washed.
Hugo put his hands on his hips and walked around the room saying "I can't believe it's so clean. I can't believe it". He then spent the rest of the morning with a bowl of musli, cardboard tube, tractor and cows playing the 'feeding out game' - the tube was his "rolled oat telescope".
How great is it bunkering back down at home after a few weeks of flurry. I'm flurryless.

1 comment:

  1. Hugo, doesn't your mother clean very often?? Hmm? Just like your auntie, is she? Well we must blame it on a gene, now just to decide whether it's from gaga or fafa- or both? Kate, glad for the lack of flurry. If one were to use skype right now, one might find one's sister in her pyjamas... but as it's only a comment she is leaving, one will never know...



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