Saturday, June 13, 2009

Crochet Frames

You can tell by the photos how gloomy the light was yesterday morning but so, so cosy inside. I surrounded myself with origami paper, washi paper, watercolour board and watercolour paintings and set to work making the little pieces I mentioned yesterday.
Then last night when the boys were safely tied to their beds I began the process of crocheting frames for the pictures which wasn't that easy as I was in convulsions of laughter watching Will Ferell's 'Stepbrothers'. I can't resist a manchild.
A sick child and recovering husband are on the menu today so a very quiet day in our house. I think my nursing duties might include curling up on the couch with Archie, a DVD and some crochet. Hugo seems to be entertaining himself outside, gumboots, puddles, bowls, spoons and boats. I guess I could throw some food out to him when he begins to look a little savage.


  1. Hehehehe, I have this wonderful image of your home today . . . and it puts a smile on my face. Just got back from a shopping trip with Kayley and found two very wet dirty children home with grandad.

  2. I love the frames. Are you going to be opening an Etsy shop anytime so that those of us who can't make it to a NZ market can still pick up some of your gorgeous goodies?

  3. Throw him a bit of bread and dripping, he'll be right!!

  4. winter offers plenty of wonderful opportunities for outdoor play...and indoor play too :) I like your corchet work.
    Must check out the DVD suggestion - I like a good dose of silliness too.



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