Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Softie Robot...

Archie was having another day at home, more a recovery day really as his temperature is back down to normal again. A plumping back up to good health day. I had been looking at some beautiful sites softies central being one of them and felt inspired to do some crafting with the little wee fella.
Archie was very excited and took over design team's helm. I have to admit I did the sewing but he was in charge of the whole look and the colours..... THE COLOURS.... I couldn't believe it... his sense of colour is amazing. I know it is easy to think I did a lot of steering but it came from him. Mind you, this is a boy who loves to sleep under a floral duvet as he considers himself to be (like the men in Jonno's family), a wonderful gardener.
The robot itself is pretty rough as I was sewing under impatient eyes (and I am not a softies maker) so all in all, Archie and I came out the other side extremely happy campers. And it's cuddly too. I think it passes.
By the way, the crochet parts were rejects from other projects. I have quite a few of them and am so glad they now have a purpose in life.


  1. I love your robot Archie. You have your mum's wonderful sense of colour! Beautiful!

  2. That is one lovely colourful softie. It goes to show that it's important to have enough materials at home so that you can create things like this on the spur of the moment. And this might be one of his earlier childhood memories...great!

  3. I love the Robot, your son has an awesome sense of colour!!

  4. It is beautiful! I love the crochet bits! I started to crochet at around the same time as you, on the internet as well. I love your blog.

    Love Kate

  5. Oh he's beautiful. Great colours Archie!!

  6. now this robot, is just too cute. I love it!I am having so much fun browsing your blog.:)



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