Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Omokoroa Market Stall

All lined up full of promise, oblivious to their destiny.

Hmmmm, let's just say lucky I was selling bags of pine cones as well crafty pieces because those pine cones alone sure made the market worth going to. There were lots of car boots brimming with stuff, plant stalls and produce.... I think I was a bit sore thumby with a table of crochet, bibs and secateur holsters but I can handle that. I'll keep going once a month and try to convince a few other crafty people to run stalls too... I am just a bit exhausted from it all though... maybe I have a touch of consumption. Definitely no hurling of cooked eyeballs but not much love slung either (apart from the pine cones - the weren't slung, I mean they were bought/sold/loved). I am thinking about becoming a pine cone merchant.
By the way, Rachel from The Two Windmills is having a terrific giveaway so click on over there and enter (and give your winnings to me - only kidding... haha...hahaha....haha...).


  1. The stall looked fantastic!!! I hope it kicks off, those pine cones are great for the fire, I buy mine from a couple of kids for $20 per bag. I cant resist their similes

  2. I think the stall looks wonderful- I wouldn't be able to walk past it. Do you have a felt or etsy shop?

  3. I loved it, and had I brought more than a mere $20 to amuse children I'd have definately purchased . . . I think your Tees are just wonderful!

  4. Wish I could have been with you on the stall! Would you like to come for dinner, we're having a beef rendang curry?? Your stall looked lovely and it's a great idea to try and get more crafty types there...

  5. Oh your table looks so great! So much fantastic colour! I did my first market earlier in the year, it was scary! It's kind of hard to know what the measure of success is when you're so new. I'm glad that you'll be keeping on going, the stuff you make is so cute I'm sure you'll get a following of others greedy for colour!

  6. I'm with all the other very complimentary comments! What a fab stall. Sounds like you're setting a new trend at the car boot, you'll be joined by lots of others who wished they'd thought of the idea first. Very beautiful wares, very beautiful.
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)



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