Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crocheting Necklaces and Knitting Vests and Drinking Tea

This is my favourite time of the day, big boys to school, little boys to kindergarten and the house in a peaceful slumber of mess. The air is warm with the scent of tea and the dishes on the bench are danced upon by pure golden light that streams through our big windows - the multiples of hand prints on them only serving to increase the angeled haze of light.
I like to blog in this moment, it's kind of like that seam between sleep and wake but instead, between domestic duties and creative output. It's also my time to look at what I made the night before, once the children are in bed. Generally by the time I put my project down, my eyes are too bleary to take in what I've done, so it is left on the couch until morning.
Last night I crocheted some more necklaces and the night before that, I finished Archie's vest. The armholes have deliberately been left without borders as I think it gives it more of a sleeveless sweatshirt look and is a bit cooler for a big boy. The pattern is from Lucinda Guy's amazing book 'And So To Bed' and I increased the stitches to make it more of a size 6-8. I love it because it is wide enough to swing comfortably over flannel pyjamas.
Is anybody else feeling cosy right now amongst the frost? I'm feeling cosy. Lovey day to you all (huh, I meant lovely but now think lovey is nicer).


  1. Lovey day to you too. I am cosy amongst the frost, but alas, my toes are most definitely not.

  2. That vest is super, I love the stripes!!!! Hey the photo of the ice was fantastic, I love the bit about the calf buckets, I grew up on a dairy farm and live amongst them now, It brought home a few memories of sucked fingers and nibbled knees.

  3. Oooohh! The colours in that tank top! GORGEOUS!
    I'm loving your crochet necklaces, just my cup of tea................. Inspiring infact. I'm impressed by how much you get done, with having children, it can't leave you much free time?
    Love vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)



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